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Why Arviana?


We have been supplying many UK wholesalers for over a decade. We specialise in Gemstones and many of the gemstone jewellery you see in shops today were probably supplied by our parent company. We are simply cutting out all the middle men for the first time and bringing the items direct to the public. Others cannot compete with our prices and quality as we are already supplying the wholesalers who sell to shops!

Ruby Stud Price Comparison

As an example, our Ruby 5mm Stud Earrings in 9 Carat white gold. We are selling for £125.

• This is a high quality ruby, image is real and accurate.

• We tried simple comparison and other UK Jewellers are selling this same item £250.

• Look all over the web and you will not find this item cheaper.

• Contact us if you find better prices in the UK.

Blue Sapphire Ring Price Comparison

This Blue Sapphire is 1.66 carats Oval in 18ct white gold, two diamonds 3mm weighing 0.23 carats.

• Arviana is selling this for £1499.

• Here are other websites selling similar item: Blue Nile Sapphire – £2511 excluding tax import and shipping.

• Diamond Boutique – £1589 for far smaller stone (1.01 carat) and smaller diamonds.

• This is a real image of high quality Blue Sapphire.

Emerald Stud Price Comparison

Our Emerald 5mm Stud Earrings in 9 Carat white gold.

• Arviana is selling this for £125.

• Same item we have found on massive US website: Blue Nile Emerald Studs at a whopping £888 excluding import tax and shipping.

• They are selling this at 610% higher price than Arviana.

• This is a real image of high quality Emerald studs.


Unlike all other jewellery websites we offer real images and videos of our products. Other sites give you fake rendered computer generated images which are not accurate display of their product.